Friday, May 8, 2009

How Slow and Dull of Heart Are We

How Slow and Dull of Heart Are We

M. Justin Wainscott, © 2009

How slow and dull of heart are we,

Held fast by sin’s dread sway;

That we would gaze on Calv’ry’s tree,

And want to look away.

But oh! how beautiful the sight

Of sin in gross defeat;

Of darkness bowing to the Light,

And victory complete!

How feebly do our souls believe

The gospel’s saving grace;

That Christ would all God’s wrath receive,

And suffer in our place.

But oh! how wonderful the thought

Of pardon full and free;

Of knowing that by Christ we’re bought,

And His we’ll ever be!

How little do our minds perceive,

The depths of what it cost

For Christ our Savior to relieve

Our burden on the cross.

But oh! how glorious the plan

That saved our wretched race;

Conceived before the world began,

Secured by sov’reign grace!

How weakly do our praises ring,

Cause we’ve not understood

That efficacious mercy springs

From Christ’s atoning blood.

But oh! the day when we shall know,

In full and not in part;

The saving pow’r his blood bestows

On ev’ry ransomed heart!