Monday, May 11, 2009

By Faith

By Faith
M. Justin Wainscott © 2009

By faith I look to Christ my Lord,
Who paid the debt I'd ne'er afford;
I look beyond myself to see,
The One whose blood shall plead for me.

By faith I daily fly to Thee,
The spotless Lamb of Calvary;
Who took my sins and bore them all,
Redeeming me from Adam's fall.

By faith I trust in God's own Son,
And humbly plead what He has done;
I run to Christ my Savior's side,
Believing 'twas for me He died.

By faith I rest assured and free,
The risen Lord now speaks for me;
What charge to me can e'er be laid,
Since Jesus has atonement made?

By faith I'll enter heaven's joy,
Receiving sight to there employ;
And when I see Him face to face,
I'll truly know His saving grace!